Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just a quick note here, if you've been a regular follower of our blog you probably have noticed the lack of activity here the last several months. Back in January the ICE team had to make the hard decision to cancel ICE '09. unfortunately the economy is not doing so great and being a new event to the community we just didn't feel we could continue on with this years event without the certainty of the numbers we needed to make the event a success. We sent out emails to our loyal customers, vendors and a notice went out to all our Newsletter subscribers. We want to thank each of our supporters of ICE '08 and those who were prepared to support ICE '09. We were very sad to have had to come to this decision ourselves. We will keep this blog "open" for the time being, with the possibility that the ICE Team will have any new news of future events.
Heather, Tracy & Nancy