Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Create Art!

This has to be one of my favorite creations…maybe ever! I found (and fell in LOVE ) in love with WeRMemory Keepers new White Out line at Just Scrappin’ in Meridian. When approached to make a special something for a special someone I knew exactly what I was going to use! This project was a “by the seat of my pants” kind of project, each piece was uniquely made and evolved as I created, I never really had a vision to start with I just went for it!

I cut out 5 tags out of the White Out Line and then I started to create. Everything used to create my tags was from my personal stash. I enjoyed “throwing out the rules” and just getting lost in art! When creating art like this layers is really key. usally I’m a less is more scrapper, but in this case when I was finished I would stand back and ask myself what else can I put on there, the more the better!

Durring the summer I scout the garage sales for frames and fun items to alter. I found this frame for a whopping .25 (It did have a ugly picture in it-but it was the frame I was after anyhow.) After pulling out the original picture I used the backing to be my guide and base to create on.

Since the frame was longer than my 12x12 paper, I sliced my paper and pieced together on the base cardboard. I did carefully plan where to slice the paper so that the pieced together part would be covered by a tag in the end.

This first tag uses a large Scrapworks photo corner painted then sanded (so to have only the dots painted) attached to chipboard to create a fun & trendy arrow. A Queen & Co. charm that reads “be daring” and lots of fun plastic confetti flowers from Queen & Co. lastly stapled ribbons to the top of the tag.

The second tag was probably the most difficult to put together. maybe because it was the last tag I created, but this one really threw me for a loop. Gladly it all finally came together in the end. Using a junkitz felt flower popped on top of a MAMBI transparency flower. A Making Memories label framing “be Yourself” a rubon from TLC. Punced holes and a soft sheer peach ribbon added to the tag.

The third tag was my favorite to create! Luckily the paper already provided most of the art work. I just layered prima flowers, dusted with glitter in the corners, added a little bling, a great quote rubon, and the darling butterfly was a sticker from doodle bug that I used liquid glue & more glitter to add bling. A sheer dot ribbon tied topped off the tag. (I purposely created different ribbons at the top of the tags to add interest to the finished product)

Tag 4, I used some Doodle Bug paper frills inked with a tangerine chalk. Prima Flowers, Queen & Co. Brads with the words “Be Happy” , an acrylic heart by Heidi Swap with more chalking around the edges and a pretty v shaped ribbon at the top.

And lastly the 5th tag used a coordinating paper form the White Out line as a strip edged with a mini rick rack. More rick rack to make the flower stem. A flower cut from another paper from the same line. The centers of flowers were given an epoxy dimension with crystal effects. Making Memories eyelet word painted and sanded quoting “be an original” (see a theme here? It really wasn’t intentional it just happened that way! I Love art!) And a double looped ribbon stapled to the top.

After I spaced the tags (double checking with the frame edge) I used pop dots to adhere to the black base cardstock.

using a staple gun staple the art back into the frame (making sure to pull out all the old staples first). Also don’t forget to sign the back of your art work as handmade and original!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trash To Treasure

Happy Earth Day!
I thought it would be appropriate to have a fun project that reduces, reuses, renews! Today we are going to be taking Trash and turn it into Treasure!

First you will need a can with a pop top lid (very important) I used a soup can. And a Pampered Chef Smooth Edge Can opener. This can opener is important for this project because it doesn’t cut the lid off, but rather pops the original seal of the can. Keep reading to see why this is a necessary step in this project.

You can purchase this awesome can opener from ICE’s Pampered Chef Vendor Christina Dennis. Just email her at max_memories@yahoo.com to order yours today!

Use the can opener on the BOTTOM of your can

Wash can, and dry thoroughly (and yes, I did clean my sink just for this picture!)

Pull off the label; this will be a great template for later

using the label as a guide cut your pattern paper to size

Glue all the edges down well (when using anything round like this it is important to use glue on all edges, otherwise you’ll get bubbles.) And adhere around the can.

for a cleaner look, Line up all the raw edges in one place (in the least noticeable spot either in the back-behind the pull tab or in a spot that will be covered by embellishments.)

Continue to embellish the can as desired (everything for this project came from my scraps…more earth friendly )

For the lid I found a circle lid that was the right size, or a circle punch would work well also.

Cut out a notch where the tab is on the can so the circle can slide underneath (I just eyeballed it)

Add some ribbons to the pull tab and a cute tag

You can add all kinds of fun gifts, I found these great lotions from Bath & Body Works that fit in just perfect. A gift card and some crinkle paper .

Stuff the can with your goodies, make sure the gifts you want the recipient to see first to be put in first and the crinkle paper last. (yes this is my son helping me with the pictures, I don't usally wear Tshirts with motercycles on it...)

Take the lid that you cut off the bottom, put some hot glue around the edges and glue it back to the bottom of the can.

Now your recipient will have a darling gift that they will have to pull the tab at the top to get to. they will wonder how you got a gift in the can, and think you are just the most clever person ever!

ICE has other earth friendly projects on the blog, check out the toilet paper roll gift bag and Heather’s ideas on organizing & storing scraps.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big Ideas

This Tuesday I'm sharing with you one of my favorite scrapbooking tools. My Inspiration Binder (aka the brain)

I created this binder a couple of years ago after seeing a friend create an inspiration album. I thought about what exactly I wanted and need to organize my ideas and I came up with this. I seriously rarely scrap without it.

I have several sections in my book such as sketches

LO's I Love

Quotes. Titles & Poems

I also have sections on Tips, Tricks, & Techniques, Projects and cards, scraprooms, and digital scrapbooking.

Much of my inspiration comes from scrapbooking magazines. As an avid suscriber to many magazines over the years I just decided I no longer had the space for them all. So as I look through my magazines when I find something that inspires me (being a LO, color scheme, quote, techniqe photography idea...) I cut it out and paste it into my binder under the appropriate tab. This has made it SOOO much easier for me to find ideas, cut down on space, and have a portable idea file to take with me anywhere (and belive me my book is passed around quite a bit at the crops!)

This is a LO by Ali Edwards from Creating Keepsakes magazine. I put this LO in my inspiration bider becasue I liked how she incorperated a lot of photos yet kept clean and simple lines.

This is the LO I created using the inspiration from Ali's LO. Although my LO has a completly different look and feel to it, Ali's LO gave me a jumping point to start my LO.

Want to create a Inspiration Binder of your own? You're in luck! Coming to an ICE Escape near you, is a class on this very subject...yep its even going to be taught by yours truley! The class and details will be up on the website http://www.iceescape.net/ by the end of the week!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Inspiration Tuesday

Happy Tuesday to you! Before I introduce this week’s exciting Inspiration project I have some winners to announce! Thank you, to everyone who shared their scrap spaces with us. Here are our favorites…

April wins the prize for the “most improved” How can you not be inspired to scrap when everything is so neatly organized an put away? Congrats April!

Tara most defiantly wins the “prettiest scrap space” we Love the soft colors and open space (can you say J-E-L-O-U-S!)But our favorite has to be the beautiful wall art of Tara’s grandmothers scissor collection.

And the most creative (and cheap) scrap organizational idea goes to Christina. She got this Paper Towel Holder (yes I said paper towel) at Wal-mart for 10.00, added some binder rings and page protectors and she has a great way to organize her stash on her desk. It’s not only pretty to look at but its clever and best of all Cheap! great Job Ladies!!

Since organization has been the theme here at ICE , I thought I would share one of my favorite organization ideas. How many of you out there struggle with storage of your digital picture disks? I know I did, I originally kept the disks in jewel cases, until I had way too many to handle. I needed something that was more space friendly.

I found these great 6x6 albums through Stampin’ Up. I particularly liked these albums because they were 3 ring binder style and it would hold my disks more flat and be easier to take in and out as I needed.

I created a text file with all the contents of the disk including date, who, what , & where. After printing out on white cardstock I glued a paper CD sleeve to the back to hold the disk. This all is slipped into a page protector. When I have pictures printed I make a small mark next to that line, that way I know at a glance which pictures have been printed (and hopefully scrapped!).

One of my favorite things about my new system is that I now have all my digital pictures located in one place, its so easy to find exactly what I’m looking for. Now a girl can’t just leave an album plain and boring can she? I decided to add just a simple touch to the binder not only for looks but also to include information about what dates each album held.

First I wrapped & tied ribbon around the bind.

I punched the tag out using a Marvy punch and black Bazzil cardstock.(out of scraps of course)!

I added the dates on the tag with my favorite white Signo pen

With a little Crystal effects I glued a small button & felt flower to the edge of my tag.

Punched a hole with my cropadile

And lastly tied it to the bind with a bow.
Super easy, yet beautiful & functional!