Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trash To Treasure

Happy Earth Day!
I thought it would be appropriate to have a fun project that reduces, reuses, renews! Today we are going to be taking Trash and turn it into Treasure!

First you will need a can with a pop top lid (very important) I used a soup can. And a Pampered Chef Smooth Edge Can opener. This can opener is important for this project because it doesn’t cut the lid off, but rather pops the original seal of the can. Keep reading to see why this is a necessary step in this project.

You can purchase this awesome can opener from ICE’s Pampered Chef Vendor Christina Dennis. Just email her at to order yours today!

Use the can opener on the BOTTOM of your can

Wash can, and dry thoroughly (and yes, I did clean my sink just for this picture!)

Pull off the label; this will be a great template for later

using the label as a guide cut your pattern paper to size

Glue all the edges down well (when using anything round like this it is important to use glue on all edges, otherwise you’ll get bubbles.) And adhere around the can.

for a cleaner look, Line up all the raw edges in one place (in the least noticeable spot either in the back-behind the pull tab or in a spot that will be covered by embellishments.)

Continue to embellish the can as desired (everything for this project came from my scraps…more earth friendly )

For the lid I found a circle lid that was the right size, or a circle punch would work well also.

Cut out a notch where the tab is on the can so the circle can slide underneath (I just eyeballed it)

Add some ribbons to the pull tab and a cute tag

You can add all kinds of fun gifts, I found these great lotions from Bath & Body Works that fit in just perfect. A gift card and some crinkle paper .

Stuff the can with your goodies, make sure the gifts you want the recipient to see first to be put in first and the crinkle paper last. (yes this is my son helping me with the pictures, I don't usally wear Tshirts with motercycles on it...)

Take the lid that you cut off the bottom, put some hot glue around the edges and glue it back to the bottom of the can.

Now your recipient will have a darling gift that they will have to pull the tab at the top to get to. they will wonder how you got a gift in the can, and think you are just the most clever person ever!

ICE has other earth friendly projects on the blog, check out the toilet paper roll gift bag and Heather’s ideas on organizing & storing scraps.


April said...

That is totally cute!! I love it!

Ice Escape said...

Oh NO! I'm such a dork! Guess what? that darling tub of lotion? It fits in the bottom of the can but the pull top is Smaller, the recipient couldn't get it out! Ack, so make sure whatever you stuff in your can will be able to come out of the smaller pull top hole...Oye!.....Heather

Inking Idaho said...

I've done this a million times and I love this unexpected presentation of a gift! Great, no really great tutorial!