Thursday, January 31, 2008

ICE Inspired!

Look at the darling Mailbox an ICE fan made! Kay, was so inspired by this weeks Inspration Tuedsay Project that she made her own. Thanks for sharing with us Kay!
If you have been Inspired by ICE we want to know! Share your projects with us at

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You've Got Mail!

I picked up these darling little mailboxes at Target in the dollar spot. They were so cute that they were screaming alter me! So what can a girl do? So, I bought a few & brought them home to play.

Supplies: (these are the supplies *I* used…however the best thing about Art is you can make it your own. Feel free to copy me, but also feel free to let your creative juices flow!)

Mailbox, Mini Comp Book, Paper Trimmer, Scissors, Exacto Knife, Adhesive (I used Tombow mono & Stampin’ Up! Crystal Effects) ,Chipboard Letters (scrapworks shimmer shapes), Mini Letters (doodlebug abc’s ), Sticker Letters (Making Memories shimmer stickers ), Chipboard Hearts (Cosmo Cricket Buck Naked ), Ink (Lipstick Red & Rouge Colorbox Chalk Inks), 4 Coordinating Pattern Papers (Paper Adventures- Valentine XO, Doodlebug- loopy love dots, CTMH red & white dots, & stripe unknown-from my scrap pile), Scallop Cardstock (white Bazzil),Ribbons, Red Rick-Rack , Felt Flowers (American Crafts Greenhouse), Circle Buttons (making memories) & Heart Buttons (unknown).

First cut your top paper (mini dots) 4x 51/4 if you are using a paper with a pattern make sure you cut your paper going in the right direction(so your hearts or whatever don’t end up sideways!)

Using your favorite adhesive (mine is just plain ‘ol mono-but I know many would prefer a liquid glue) glue the back of your paper, making sure to get all the edges well. If your using a liquid glue be careful not to get too much on, since the mailbox is non-porous you don’t want to get bubbles & wrinkles. Shimmy the paper as far down behind the flag as you can get it, then finish adhering across the top & down the other side of your mailbox.

Cut 2 of your bottom paper at 4x4. Glue. Again shimmy behind the flag as much as you can and then fold underneath. This will leave a small gap between your top & bottom paper. Repeat on the other side.

Using a precut scallop cardstock (or you can hand cut your own) Cut a strip 2x6.

Chalk the edges

Adhere to the top paper aligning with the back edge of the box. (yes I know my picture looks like it’s a step ahead, but that’s because I FORGOT this step and had to go back!)

Cut 2 4x 1 ¼ strips out of your third pattern paper.

This is where it gets tricky! Using a scrap paper Place over bottom portion of the flag, trace the shape of the flag on your scrap paper.

Use this as a template to trace & cut on one of your strips.(Be sure to cut on the inside of your trace line so that your cutout won’t show when finished )

Apply plenty of adhesive & Shimmy the strip underneath flag .

You can use the piece of paper from your cut out, trim off the bottom slightly and piece back together your strip. Adhere 2nd strip to the opposite side of your box.

Add red rick rack (or you can use ribbon or even strips of paper) to the edges of your paper strip.

Using a naked chipboard heart Generously apply adhesive to the FRONT of your chipboard piece.

Adhere to the BACK side of your pattern Paper.

Cut out, And chalk ink the edges (paying special attention to the raw chipboard edges) Add a ribbon just knotted in the front for the final touch.

***A little side note here…I love the Colorbox cats eye chalk ink! 1. they are affordable so I can get lots of fun colors. 2. they are a great size & shape for getting in all of those hard to reach spots 3. if you like to add a distressed look or highlight an edge these work perfect! here’s a tip. new chalk ink pads are VERY juicy. And sometimes can be a bit juicy for the look you want. After use for a while they will dry out a bit and you are able to give a softer feathered look. When your pad gets to this point BUY another. then you will have one of each a real juicy one and a more subtle dry one, so you can obtain the look your going for. ***

Next adhere your chipboard & plastic doodle letters. For this step I encourage you to use a good liquid glue. I love using Stampin’ Up! Crystal Effects because I get 2 products out of one (glue & epoxy) Place your letters where you like them before gluing anything down, this way you make sure everything is centered the way you want. Take note of any overlapping and uneven surfaces, put your glue in those spots where it will actually be touching. Don’t go overboard on the glue, if your using a good bonding glue a little will go a long way. You don’t want to get glue puddles seeping out from behind your embellishments!

Many liquid glues will take some time to dry. To insure that my pieces stay where I want them I placed a book on top and let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes. (now its time for a snack break because you’ve been working so hard!!)

Using the front lid of the mailbox as a template, trace on to the back of your pattern paper (I used the paper that was on the bottom half of my mailbox) make 2 of these, for the front & back. Adhere.

Embellish the front of your box. I added scalloped cardstock, Covered another chipboard heart, cut out a X and O from my pattern paper, added a sticker ampersand, added rick rack and a thin strip of pattern paper and finally, adhered my chipboard heart over the top of all my elements.

Using several layers and textures is what will give your project that wow look when your all finished.

I then added a fun felt flower & button to both sides of my mailbox flag with a small strip of pattern paper along pole of the flag.

And lastly I added a heart button (it came out of my stash- go see what you have laying around that fits the theme…I’m sure you have something!) and to jazz it up a bit (and pull in just a little black accent color) a pair of bracket stickers.

Making the cordinating Mini comp book is super easy!

Just trim your paper to the size of the book. Using lots of adhesive wrap your paper around the front to the back of the book.

Add some scalloped cardstock a little rick rack

Add some stickers to spell Love and for that final touch staple some ribbon to the edge of your book. And...wala! A fun Valentines mailbox & matching comp book!

There are so many fun things you can do with your little mailbox & book:

*One idea is to use the mailbox & notebook to write notes back and forth to a child or spouse. The notes can be a simple “I love you” to “good luck on your big test today” When a new note has been written put up the flag so the recipient knows they’ve got mail. What a special keepsake and fun way to communicate!

*Find all those love letters and notes from your dating days, tie them up with a bow place them inside your mailbox and give them to your spouse for Valentines Day

*Write a letter and put inside (this could be to a spouce, friend or child)This could become a fun tradition every year. And the mailbox is a great way to house all those letters.
* Fill with Candy and small gifts.

* For that scrappy friend, make several 3x3 cards using matching papers
* Make a small album..”10 reasons I love you”

* Put a gift certificate for dinner & a movie, or maybe a massage inside. Or just make your own coupon book, customized for the recipient!

WAIT!!…. I have an exciting announcement! I have 3 mailboxes to give away to you! These mailboxes are ready for you to alter and create, and will be filled with some fun scrappy gifts! From now till next Tuesday everyone who signs up for the ICE newsletter on our website at (or if your already signed up just send us a email with the subject line “you’ve Got Mail” to will go into the drawing for one of the boxes!! How fun is that??? The winners will be announced next Wednesday here on the blog , so tell all you scrappy friends!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Intro from Tracy. What are you Celebrating? What Inspires You? Layout Contest Reminder

Hi, I’m Tracy the final 1/3 of ICE. You haven’t heard from me yet because Heather and Nancy have kept me busy behind the scenes typing up contracts and other projects. Well, I decided I needed some fun too!

They might be nervous having me post on the blog because they know how I am, and I just might be tempted to give away some of the details about the surprises we have in store for this year’s ICE event. But you can’t blame a girl if she can’t keep a good thing to herself - right?! Here’s an update on some things that are happening. Just this week we booked an amazingly talented artist to teach one of our classes – don’t worry, I’ll post more about her and her class later and give you more details. Trust me you're in for a treat! There’s also another wonderful surprise that we booked this week – I’m dying to share it with you, but they tell me I can’t. Maybe I can give you a hint. What do you think these words are describing? Yummy, Brown, Flowing, Warm, Delight. Post your guesses in the comments! Don’t worry ladies, I'll try to be your inside connection for ICE and keep you all updated and share as much as I can. Did I tell you, I’m easily bribed! :)

ICE is about Inspiration and Celebrating. I want to know what you’re celebrating! And where you’re finding inspiration! One of our ICE participants, let’s call her “Bob” is celebrating. She has had a rough year, her daughter was in a terrible accident that almost caused her to lose her foot. While “Bob”, herself, has struggled recently with her own health issues. Well, this week she shared good news about both of their conditions and they’re both on the road to recovery! Woo Hoo – definitely something to celebrate! “Bob” and her daughter are definitely inspirations to me! Here's a picture of "Bob" at our retreat last spring. So glad life is better in her family and that she and her sister will be joining us for ICE this year! :)

Heather, Nancy, and I are getting together to scrap Friday night. Scrapping is so much more fun with friends – especially talented friends! We’ll share our latest creations with you soon. We’d love to see your creations too! Remember our layout contest for a winter themed layout is still open until the end of the month. Send us your stuff to We want to see your talent so we can be inspired as well!!

Take care!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Alterd TP basket

I'm so excited to create the very first Inspiration Tuesday project to share with you! Valentines is probably one of my favorite holidays, there's just something about pink & red hearts in the middle of cold winter days that just cheers my soul. This little project is great to stuff with small gifts for your Valentine or even a teacher or co-worker. However with just a few changes of paper & embellishments you can make this fun project for any holiday or occasion. And the best part? Its super cheep & easy to make! So lets get started!

You will need: Paper Trimmer, Scissors, Adhesive, Pattern Paper (MAMBI used here), Cardstock (pink & white scraps from my stash were used) Stamp Ink ( Lipstick Red Colorbox chalk ink), Circle stamp or punch (Hero Arts Dot circle used), miniature letter stamps, Ribbons, Large Scallop Scissors or template, Pink Flowers (Prima), Hole Punch (Cropadile used), Stapler, & Pop Dots.

You can use a regular toilet paper roll for this project or you can experiment using paper towel rolls or wrapping paper rolls depending on the size of gift you would like to put in the finished project. You can also make your own roll using a sturdy cardstock so you can make the roll as big as needed. You will however need to adjust the measurement sizes accordingly.

Step 1: Trim your pattern paper 5 3/4 x 5 3/4 for a standard toilet paper roll, this will be about an inch longer than your roll.

Step 2: Use Lots of Adhesive! put several strips (I did horizontal strips across and a strip along all the edges. Line the paper up with one edge of the roll (about an inch will hang off the other) and roll paper on. making sure that the edge is well adhered

Step 3 & 4: pinch the TP roll on the side with the extra paper. Staple together. fold the excess paper over (towards the side that already has a seam). trim at an angle so it won't show through the front and adhere to back of TP roll.

Step:5 Using white cardstock trim to 53/4 x 1 1/2, then using scallop scissors cut scallop across one edge. Adhere to top of TP roll (again using lots of adhesive especially on the seam)

Step 6: Punch Holes on each side of your TP Roll

Step 7: Embellish with

flowers & buttonsStep 8: Add Ribbon (10 inches) and knot

on each side of TP roll.

Step 9: For the tag use a circle stamp or you can just use a circle punch.

Step 10: Stamp your letters (I used "for you") on a thin strip of paper. Then cut out each letter to form a rectangle.

Step 11: Adhere your letters to your tag. Use a Prima flower underneath the "o" and pop dot it up.

Step 12: Staple a ribbon to the top of your tag. Then Adhere your tag to the front of your roll using pop dots.

Step 13: fill with crinkle paper & your gift! A quick & easy but very delightful gift for your favorite Valentine!

You can fill your basket with all kinds of goodies! Gift Cards, trial size lotions, pencils or markers for teachers, lip gloss, nail polish & nail file for that teen in your life, Candy, hair doodads, the possibilities are endless!

If you were inspired by this weeks project we would love to see what you created! Send us a picture to