Thursday, January 24, 2008

Intro from Tracy. What are you Celebrating? What Inspires You? Layout Contest Reminder

Hi, I’m Tracy the final 1/3 of ICE. You haven’t heard from me yet because Heather and Nancy have kept me busy behind the scenes typing up contracts and other projects. Well, I decided I needed some fun too!

They might be nervous having me post on the blog because they know how I am, and I just might be tempted to give away some of the details about the surprises we have in store for this year’s ICE event. But you can’t blame a girl if she can’t keep a good thing to herself - right?! Here’s an update on some things that are happening. Just this week we booked an amazingly talented artist to teach one of our classes – don’t worry, I’ll post more about her and her class later and give you more details. Trust me you're in for a treat! There’s also another wonderful surprise that we booked this week – I’m dying to share it with you, but they tell me I can’t. Maybe I can give you a hint. What do you think these words are describing? Yummy, Brown, Flowing, Warm, Delight. Post your guesses in the comments! Don’t worry ladies, I'll try to be your inside connection for ICE and keep you all updated and share as much as I can. Did I tell you, I’m easily bribed! :)

ICE is about Inspiration and Celebrating. I want to know what you’re celebrating! And where you’re finding inspiration! One of our ICE participants, let’s call her “Bob” is celebrating. She has had a rough year, her daughter was in a terrible accident that almost caused her to lose her foot. While “Bob”, herself, has struggled recently with her own health issues. Well, this week she shared good news about both of their conditions and they’re both on the road to recovery! Woo Hoo – definitely something to celebrate! “Bob” and her daughter are definitely inspirations to me! Here's a picture of "Bob" at our retreat last spring. So glad life is better in her family and that she and her sister will be joining us for ICE this year! :)

Heather, Nancy, and I are getting together to scrap Friday night. Scrapping is so much more fun with friends – especially talented friends! We’ll share our latest creations with you soon. We’d love to see your creations too! Remember our layout contest for a winter themed layout is still open until the end of the month. Send us your stuff to We want to see your talent so we can be inspired as well!!

Take care!


LoRi said...

mmmmmm, sounds like a chocolate fountain! yummy!!

Trina said...

It all sounds like so much fun! YUM! I think the last girl is right - it's a chocolate fountain. What else can you share? I'm getting excited.