Friday, May 23, 2008

Come Join the Fun This Weekend!

I can't believe that a whole year of planning and planning has finally come to this day! I woke up this morning so excited! Today is the first day of ICE!!! Yay! Heather, Nancy, and Tracy are heading down to the Double Tree Riverside this morning to get set up. Then we'll be welcoming all you lucky ladies who are registered croppers. Get ready ladies - you are in for some big WOW! Some big spoiling, and most of all some big fun!!!

For anyone else in the Treasure Valley who wasn't able to sign up for the crop. Please join us for fun on Saturday. Come on down at 9:00 to hear and meet Chatterbox's own Melody Ross. Then classes begin at 10:00. We have amazing classes, and it's not to late to still sign up for most! You can even sign up at the door. Also, be sure to check our our amazing vendors! There will be fun make-n-takes, great ideas, and great products! Since the weather isn't the greatest this weekend, grab a girlfriend and come on down to say hi. Vendor shoppers will have their chance to win a brand new HP PhotoSmart Printer and other great scrapbooking goodies!

If you do come down, be sure to say hi!

Tracy, Nancy, and Heather

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Power Layouts, packing for a crop

I’m so excited! ICE is less than two weeks away! Now its time to start thinking about what to bring and start packing my crop bags ! For a weekend of scapping at an event like ICE I want to be as productive as possible without bringing my whole scraproom, to do that I create Power Layouts. What’s a power Layout you ask? Well read on….
The first step, pick out your photos.

I chose pictures I already had preprinted. However if you are choosing pictures from your computer that have yet to be printed you may want to first chose a sketch so you can print your pictures in specific sizes.

Look for a sketch or idea

This step can be optional, Depending on how much time you want to dedicate to creating your power LO’s. However the more decisions you make prior to the crop the more time you have create at the crop. Choosing a sketch prior to picking out your papers & embellishments can help you decide what to bring.

When choosing a sketch I look at my photos and ask myself these questions… how many photos do I have? How many are Horizontal? Vertical? Am I willing to discard or crop any photos? What is my focus for my LO? Do I have one strong photo with supporting photos? Or, are all my photos important & need equal balance?

For me the first thing I turn to is my Idea book. (want to know more about creating your own idea book? take the class! click for more info: )
Found the perfect one! One thing that helps me decide on a sketch ,is to grab two sheets of 12x12 cardstock (or whatever size paper you will be using) and lay out my photos and even embellishments & paper to check and see if a sketch will work.

Pick out papers and cardstock

This is the fun part! First I usually turn to my stash to look for papers that work with my photos. When looking for paper I keep in mind, theme, & color. If I don’t have something in my stash then off to the scrapbook store I go! Make sure to take your photos with you when shopping, it will help you pick papers that coordinate not compete with your photos.

Pick out matching embellishments

Again first check your stash, you never know you maybe have that perfect item already. However sometimes a trip to the LSS is just unavoidable! Manufactures make it easy to pick out paper & embellishments with collections and lines. Many lines not only have several coordinating papers, but also matching embellishments, ribbons, rub-ons and more. But beware don’t get too caught up in buying everything they have to offer in one line (unless you plan to create several pages with it) it can be expensive and leave you with a lot of leftovers. Pick & chose carefully what will work best for your photos and the vision you have for the finished product.

Titles, & Journaling

Again this is somewhat an optional step prior to the crop. By pre-choosing a title I can decide what type of media I will be using to create the title (stickers, chipboard, digitally cut, printed etc..) If you are planning on doing your journaling on the computer by pre-typing & printing it out will have you one step further to having a completed LO at the crop. ( a sketch is helpful to decide on how much space you have to journal)

I had to do a little research on my favorite scrapbooking sites to find the perfect title for my LO. Since pumpkin patch pictures seem to be a yearly tradition I wanted something different than the usual “pumpkin patch” title. After finding a couple ideas I jotted them down, I also added a few more things to my stash of embellishments after seeing some inspiring ideas on the web.

Now if your like me you will usually WAY over pack. but that’s OK. I’d much rather pack too many things than not enough!


Now to pack your crop bag. There are several ways to organize your power Layouts. two of the most cost efficient and easiest are to reuse sacks from your scrap store or use extra large ziplock bags.

My personal favorite is an accordion style paper holder. There are several dividers to organize several power layouts. Its nice and sturdy to keep my paper from bending and its easy to transport and slip into my crop bag.

I don’t recommend including your larger items with your paper and photos, such as punches, paint, or large boxes. For these items I either stash them in various pockets of my bag or in one large box. And I keep a tool box for all of my basic supplies like adhesive, pens, chalk inks, and more.

Ok now you have just under two weeks to get packing for ICE. One of the greatest things about creating power LO’s is getting excited about cropping. Now that I have all the items picked out for my next LO I’m really itching to create it! Make sure to drop by my crop table and say hi, I’ll surely be working on this LO sometime during the weekend!

Friday, May 9, 2008

All I ever needed to know I learned from Karate...

It has been a word I’ve been thinking a lot about today. It reminds me of when my son was in karate and they would recite…

“Integrity, doing what is right even when no one is looking”

I would like to think I have lived my life with Integrity, sure I may have failed from time to time but overall its something I have strived for. Not only has integrity been an important aspect of my charter I have tried hard to maintain that throughout ICE.

As I was thinking about Integrity and the journey my son made through 4 years of karate I decided to take a little time to reflect and enjoy the album I created for him. I thought it was appropriate to share here with you, because this album also uses the KISS method of scrapbooking. (Which I shared in the last Tuesday Inspiration)

I created this album a couple of years ago, but decided to keep it simple. And you know, I’m glad I did. The pages showcase each and every belt my son worked & earned all the way through his black belt. Each page tells the story of the belts, what they represent and the student’s journey to black belt.

These pages won’t make it into any scrapbook magazine, or even be CASED . But what is really important is they are scrapped in a way that Honors the pictures, the person, and the sport. When I wanted to go look at those pictures they were easy to find and easy to enjoy, not stashed away in a box in my never ending “I’ll get to that someday pile”. I think so many people (especially new scrappers) get overwhelmed by what’s out there and the intense creativity of scrapbooking.

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s day weekend. Remember scrapbooking is preserving our memories but most of all a hobby to be enjoyed. Don’t let the daunting task of starting a huge project keep you from starting, whether it be a KISS project or a piece of original & unique art be true to who you are, and get those photos from boxes and into albums!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Recently I had the pleasure of helping my friend create a special wedding album. We knew we wanted to include as many pictures as possible while still maintaining a classic look.

This is where KISS comes in Keep It Simple Sister! Not only did the KISS method help us finish the album in a timely manner (without going too crazy) but the book has a timeless feel to it that won’t overpower the priceless pictures.

Our first step was to go through the hundreds (literary) of pictures and decide which ones to use. We chose to use a collage look to showcase the majority of the photos and then chose a favorite photo to highlight.

This resulted in a hybrid album (part digital, part traditionally scrapped). The digital was created in Adobe Photoshop using their “scrapbook pages” function. This is a great function that is already set up to drag & drop your photos into the pre sized boxes.

After the initial work of choosing the photos (which took the most time), & creating the digital LO’s , the actual album only took us about 3 hours to put together..all 20 pages. Now that’s the quickest album I’ve ever put together

You can apply the KISS method to any type of pages. I have to say this is probably one of my favorite LO’s I’ve ever created, and it is the most simple and quickest LO too.

My challenge to you is to create a KISS LO, and we want to see it! Make sure to share it with us at