Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big Ideas

This Tuesday I'm sharing with you one of my favorite scrapbooking tools. My Inspiration Binder (aka the brain)

I created this binder a couple of years ago after seeing a friend create an inspiration album. I thought about what exactly I wanted and need to organize my ideas and I came up with this. I seriously rarely scrap without it.

I have several sections in my book such as sketches

LO's I Love

Quotes. Titles & Poems

I also have sections on Tips, Tricks, & Techniques, Projects and cards, scraprooms, and digital scrapbooking.

Much of my inspiration comes from scrapbooking magazines. As an avid suscriber to many magazines over the years I just decided I no longer had the space for them all. So as I look through my magazines when I find something that inspires me (being a LO, color scheme, quote, techniqe photography idea...) I cut it out and paste it into my binder under the appropriate tab. This has made it SOOO much easier for me to find ideas, cut down on space, and have a portable idea file to take with me anywhere (and belive me my book is passed around quite a bit at the crops!)

This is a LO by Ali Edwards from Creating Keepsakes magazine. I put this LO in my inspiration bider becasue I liked how she incorperated a lot of photos yet kept clean and simple lines.

This is the LO I created using the inspiration from Ali's LO. Although my LO has a completly different look and feel to it, Ali's LO gave me a jumping point to start my LO.

Want to create a Inspiration Binder of your own? You're in luck! Coming to an ICE Escape near you, is a class on this very subject...yep its even going to be taught by yours truley! The class and details will be up on the website http://www.iceescape.net/ by the end of the week!!


sherri said...

Heather!! I have been meaning to ask you to post your "brain" on your blog! I want to get one going. Maybe I will just wait and take the class since it is not too far away! yay!!! You read my mind.


Jessica said...

I really love this idea, I am always finding things here and there that I think would be great inspiration, but I usually just pass them by and forget. I am defintely going to start one of these. I can't wait for your class!!

April said...

Awesome...what a great way to pick Heathers brain at a crop...just read the book! :)

Melzie said...

Another reason to be sad I can't come... (gas is up 3c more from my email to you on Sunday)

I have an idea book- but certainly not that pretty!! What a great class!!