Tuesday, June 3, 2008

life, after ICE

Can you believe it? ICE is over? It seemed like months of waiting and then it was all over just like that. I had a blast! And I can't wait for the next scrapbook escape weekend! (even if it has taken me a week and a half to recouperate!)

Remember the power LO I created right here on the blog? Well here it is finished, one of the ONLY things I accomplished the whole weekend.

So, how about you? Did you accomplish a lot at ICE? Post a comment and tell me how many pages you got done at ICE. (there may even be a prize or two involved!) No matter if it was just a card or a bizzillion pages let us know!
Make sure to keep an eye out on the blog for some fun photos from our scrappy weekend to be posted and more information on the Message Board!
Since summer is underway here at our house already I will be taking a break from Inspiration tuesady. but don't be too sad, I'll pop in here & there with LO's, projects, ideas and ICE news as I get the chance between chasing and keeping 3 kiddos happy.
Happy Scrapping
Heather H


scrappingbob said...

I can't claim to have gotten a lot done, but I had a great time. I finished a mini album that I started about two years ago. And I finished 4 two pages layouts and the crazy layout that wasn't real. So not to bad for me, I alway end up having more fun hanging out than scrapping.

honingmylife said...

I did some. I got two swaps for one of my groups done. I also did I think 5 one-page layouts. And also about 7 cards made (all from my scraps of the layouts). But I agree with scrappingbob it was the hanging out that was the best.

Ice Escape said...

Oh my heck!
Why didn't anyone tell me I spelled Pumpkin wrong? Sleep deprevation & scrapping don't always mix! (and I can't believe I didn't notice it till NOW! OK my secret is out-I'm not known as the best speller around...)

April said...

ICE was GREAT! I counted today, and minus journaling (because I HATE my handwriting) I got 10 2 pages layouts and 3 one pagers done!! That is HUGE HUGE HUGE!

I loved every minute of it! I'll never hear the song "Ice Ice Baby" without thinking of you three! :)

Ice Escape said...

I'm sooo sorry ladies, I totally forgot about the PRIZES! So guess what? You all WIN!
I'll send something scrappy out your way soon! thanks for your patience....and for playing!