Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Coffee Creations....

ICE is all about inspiration and this is Inspiration Tuesday, so I am thinking that I should be doing something here that will inspire you. I have been racking my brain to come up with a project and take pictures of each step and so on…as has been on this blog many times. But that so isn’t me! Then I think “wait, this is my time on this blog, I can do whatever I want here..I can break the rules” (ah, we don’t really have any rules, but you know what I mean, where you just think you should be doing something a certain way.)

I don’t consider myself to be “off the top of my head” creative, or as “scrappy” creative as both Heather and Tracy. I really have to think to get the creativeness out! This is why it takes me so long to scrapbook a page or do anything remotely creative. I have to say that lately I have been much more into decorating my house than scrapbooking so I thought of something that mixes the two. I promise, if you stay with me here, I will inspire you to do something!

This started with my addiction and love of coffee and decorating my new house. I tend to ramble sometimes so forgive me if I do. Do you think some of this rambling could be caused by too much caffeine?

So, yes, the addiction and love of coffee…besides my many trips to the coffee shops, and along with my own espresso machine, my wonderful husband gets up every Sunday morning and drives to the nearest Starbucks to get me a latte.

What is really amazing is that my husband does this for me. Not so much that he goes and gets something for me, but this is a very macho man that I speak of. Just to imagine the words “Grande Vanilla Latte “coming from his mouth is almost unthinkable. But somehow he always comes home with right drink!

My house decorating…I was in my house for 6 months before a single decorating idea finally came to me…..then it kind of started snowballing….I have lots of ideas for the house, but it is one piece at a time and many times something that I just run across, and think, that would be perfect for that spot.

This is what happened with my cookbook holder. Now, to anyone that knows me…this is funny because cook, I do not! Ah, but the cookbook holder was so cute and I had the perfect spot for it. It just needed to be painted to match my red and black, coffee, with a few flowers, themed kitchen. Now of course as you can see, I could never cover up the top part of this with an actual cookbook of all things! Besides whatever went on here it had to match everything else!

Here is where the ideas started coming out. I had to make something to go on the cookbook holder. I have never done an acrylic album before, but oh wouldn’t that look good with a coffee theme?! And the book was just the right size. I actually have some of these prints on my kitchen walls, but downsized them for the book. I considered putting recipes in here, but then thought, why bother? Here is what I ended up doing.

I am very happy with how it turned out, and you can still see the top of my cute cookbook holder and it is not sitting there looking empty. Best of all, everything matches which is the most important thing. I used rub-ons, and different embellishments. My book did not have any tabs on the pages so I made some of my own with cut out coffee cups. As an after -thought, it would be fun to cut out these cups in acrylic and paint them instead of just using a picture.

If you are still with me, I am sure you are inspired by now….either to make your own acrylic album, decorate your house, make a run to Starbucks, or possibly to tell me to just get to the point!



Anonymous said...

Nancy this is absolutly Darling! And you say youre not cerative! Love it!
*** Heather

Jessica said...

You are hilarious... and I LOVE your book! It is so cute. I have been wanting to do an acrylic album forever, and I am really motivated now. I am also motivated to go to starbucks... hmmm...