Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Countdown

OK almost caught up (please don’t let me mess you up there is really only 4 weeks left till Christmas- but I got behind on my blog posts!)

On the fifth week before Christmas
My ICE Chicks gave to me
A countdown to Christmas Eve!

This little Countdown has become a family Tradition in our House. Not only has it given us lots of memories, but its so dang cute and super fun to create.

TINS: You can find these little Tins at Michaels and I have seen them at Target also in the wedding supplies. (Look in the favors section). You can get a whole bucket of tins (30 in all) for 19.99 and if you happen to have a coupon…(who shops at Michaels w/o a coupon anyways??) I decorated each tin differently. It really helps to use a line of paper for this project that has several designs- I used the Figgy Pudding line by Basic Grey here. If you use a 2” circle punch it is the perfect size to fit your background paper in the tin lids. Use some clear drying liquid glue to Adhere most of your papers and embellishments. Use stickers, or stamps, or die cut numbers to label all of the tins. Glue magnets to the backs of the tins and wala! I chose to only do 12 days because doing 24 days would just be too much for me to handle….but hey if you’re up for the challenge… :0)

BOARD: This is a cookie sheet…yep a cookie sheet! There are all kinds of shapes and sizes out there. Use a cropadile or Big Bite to punch holes to thread your ribbon, this will really dress it up and make it look much less like a cookie sheet! LOL I use mine on an easel, but you could easily add a ribbon hanger to the top through a ribbon hole to hang on the wall.

TITLE: On this countdown I used cut letters and shapes from my Silhouette and used a good liquid glue to adhere them. (most cookie sheets have a non stick coating that can make some adhesives not work too well) On other countdowns I have made before I have used chipboard letters, which gives the finished project a nice dimensional effect. Stickers also work well and would make the project much easier if you don’t have a personal die-cutting machine.

FILLERS: There is a lot of fun ways to use your countdown. You can fill the small tins with candy or small trinkets. Some ideas are mini makeup, earrings, necklace’s, bracelets, rings, stickers, hair accessories, toy cars, legos, tea light candles, sample perfumes, etc. You can also get creative and hide a puzzle piece(s) each day to slowly put together that will reveal a secret or prize at the end. (you can easily make your own puzzle or write a message on the back of a small puzzle before breaking it apart). You can have scavenger hunts with clues each day or even a clue to where you have hidden something bigger that won’t fit in the tin. Or my favorite (and what we do at our home) is each day have a special family activity. I write these on strips of paper and the night before place a paper in the tin. (this way I can pre-plan and no one peeks!) I do things like…
*Go caroling * Take a winter wonderland walk * Bake cookies * Play a board game * decorate the tree* read the Christmas story from the Bible* Build a snowman* have a movie night (pick a favorite holiday movie pop some popcorn and enjoy!) * play a board game* Do something kind for someone less fortunate (we’ll bake goodies and secretly drop them off at someone’s home, or go buy some toys to donate to toys for tots)* Read a Christmas book by the light of the Christmas tree* Visit Santa* Go Ice Skating* Go sledding* etc etc…
I usually incorporate things we would be doing anyways into the calendar. Like if I know we are going on a special outing I’ll keep it secret and use that. Or when we get ready to bake cookies for the neighbors I’ll use the “bake cookies” one, and when we do traditional things like picking out the tree and decorating it or visiting the live nativity I incorporate these events into the calendar. My kids love opening the tin each morning and finding out what special activity we are doing that day. It really helps to bring us focused on spending time together as a family and enjoy Christmas rather than being frazzled!



apigonfire said...

Thank you so much for putting this up! I can't wait to make one!

Kim Scraps! said...

This is so cute, Heather. I love it...Hugs! Kim B