Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sittin With Santa Layout

It's that time of the year! The Christmas Season is upon us. With Thanksgiving this week, the official Holiday Season is under way! ICE got in to the Christmas spirit early getting ready for the Canyon County Christmas show last week. We had so much fun meeting so many of you who are now planning to come to this year's ICE event. And reconnecting with old friends and some of last year's ICE participants!

I'm sure many of you have many fond Christmas memories. I very clearly remember going the the mall every year and visiting Santa. This is a tradition I've carried on with my own children. Sure, when they were little we had some years with tears and screaming. Then they turned to years of shear awe and adoration. Now my kids are older and pretty much know how the whole thing works, but they STILL love going to visit Santa. And, faithfully Santa comes every year to grant their special Christmas wishes.

Two years ago my youngest daughter was seven. I knew my years of her "Believing" were numbered. So, off to the mall we went all dressed up in a pretty dress to visit "The Big Guy". Here's the scrapbook layout with the picture:

Some of you, who visited us at the Canyon County Christmas Show, picked up your own Santa layout like this. I wanted to post it on the blog so that you could see how it all goes together. It's pretty quick and easy assembly:
1. Attach the thinner long red cardstock strip horizontally about mid-way down the background cardstock.
2. Vertically attach the thicker red cardstock strip to the left side of the background cardstock, leave approximately 1/2 inch from the edge.
3. Add the Christmas themed patterned paper strip on top of the vertical red cardstock centering it so a little bit of the red shows on the side.
4. Add the circle of stripped glitter paper slightly overlapping the vertical strip. The circle should be positioned more toward the top of the layout, so that you'll have room for the tag at the bottom.
5. Attach your photo mat. *Please note: Photo mat can be positioned either vertically or horizontally - what ever orientation your photo is will work. (mine just happens to be vertically).
6. Add photo to photo mat centering it to show red around the edges.
7. Add photo corner triangles to the left side of the photo
8. Add thin strip of striped patterned paper to the bottom of the tag. I left some space at the bottom of the tag, and didn't put the stip all the way to the bottom edge.
9. Journal on your tag
10. Add ribbon to your tag
11. Position tag to the bottom right of the layout.
Viola! You are done!

For those of you wondering about the super cute frame featured in the picture above. It's from Creative Memories. Contact your favorite consultant if you want to pick one up for yourself.

If you're wondering how I cut the circle. I have to tell you about my very favorite scrapbook tool. My Curvy Cutter by EK Success! I picked mine up at Archivers. I love circles on my layouts! I also love using it for cutting rings, and other fun accents. This little baby makes circle cutting so easy, and you can cut in several different sizes. There are other templates besides just circles too.

Now get out there and create some new Holiday memories with your family. Then take a ton of pictures, and when you get a chance share some of your awesome layouts and Christmas projects with us here at ICE!
****Tracy :) *****

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