Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The week before Christmas
My ICE Chicks gave to me….
A shopping list!
friend sent me this cute project and challenged me to come up with my own version. Well who am I to not take on a challenge. Besides it was way cute!

First I loved the idea. I am a notorious list maker, but somehow my lists never seem to make it to the store with me, this way I have a nice handy place to create my shopping lists and keep it in my purse so its handy at all times. I loved the tin in the original, but unfortunately I don’t have a tin like that in my stash. So I put on my thinking cap and came up with this…

A CD Jewel Case! It is thin, sleek, and small enough to keep in my purse without much an issue. The clear plastic is great to showcase a fun design, but keep it safe from tearing and getting ruined by use. Plus if your like me you probably have a couple hanging around the house, just screaming "alter me", and if not you can easily go buy one at any discount, drug, or electronic store!

This is the front of my list organizer. I found this great quote on a stamp recently. I think it’s just perfect!

I love the idea of doing a themed organizer for Christmas, or any other occasion that requires a lot of planning…but I am just getting a little sick of Christmas- and I wanted to use this year round, so I stuck with this WeArememoryKeepers line called White Out. (LOVE LOVE LOVE this line BTW)

Inside on the left are 2 staggered pockets to hold various receipts, business cards, notes etc. I highly recommend sewing the pockets on if you plan to use this feature much- that will help keep your paper from popping off and the receipts from getting stuck in stray adhesive. (I would have sewn mine, but I lent my sewing machine out and well it hasn’t been retuned, I digress…)

Next on the right side I used some coordinating papers to create a background. Then I cut some notebook paper to make my list notebook. Using my cropadile I carefully punched two holes through the paper “pad” & the back of the Jewel case. Then thread a ribbon through to hold all the pieces securely. This will eliminate bulk inside the case so it will shut, and help hold the pad on without the background paper always falling out due to the weight. This also makes replacing the pad paper a cinch! WARNING…. This was a little difficult with the cropadile since the clearance on the hole punch is not very wide, I ended up having to break off a small piece of plastic to get the 2nd hole in. I recommend using the Big Bite…and if you are considering purchasing one of these tools ( I LOVE my cropadile) I suggest getting the big bite for this exact reason (and the longer reach).

Lastly I tied a ribbon around a shorten pencil and threaded through one of the holes. This way I never lose it! Keep your eye out for extra small pens for this. I recently saw some cute sets at Michaels’ in the stocking stuffers bins. Or you can be like me and steal a pencil out of your kids stash, cut it down to size and wala! When the case is closed the pencil fits perfectly along the spine.



Alex said...

Ok, I said when you have a spare minute!! However, I think I love your version MORE!!

cjknick said...

Ok. Super cute as always :) Don't need to say anything else, lol.

Mae said...

Heather, what a super great idea. I love your creaive mind. I will have to "scraplift" this!!! Thanks.

jenalih said...

LOVE your version even better! You are so very clever. I'm totally in love with that paper, gotta get some someday!

April said...

Absolutely wonderful!