Friday, February 1, 2008

Crazy Things We Do In the Name of Scrapbooking

I was visiting with a friend and fellow scrapper the other day, and she was telling me about some adorable doggie themed paper she had seen at a local scrapbook store. This friend doesn't have a dog, has no plans on getting a dog, but LOVED the paper and wanted it to create a scrapbook layout using it. She said her mind started thinking of ways to justify the purchase ... "I could take my daughter to Build A Bear have her make a stuffed dog, take cute pictures and then I could use that paper!!!" Ahhhhh! It's a sickness I tell you! The things we scrapbookers will think of just to satisfy our scrapping addiction.

A few years ago another friend told me that she made her daughter go out and play in the rain, just so she could use some cute rain themed embellishments she had.

I, myself, wil admit that many a cute outfit has been purchased just because it reminds me of some scrapbook product I've seen. Ohhh - our poor children, friends, and family. What they have to put up with! Who among us hasn't had a family member whine or complain when we request just one more picture, or have side tracked a fun activity by making sure we have it all documented on film or megapixels.

I'm curious - what crazy thing have you done in the name of scrapbooking? Put it in the comments or send us an e-mail to

What's Happening at ICE:
Just a quick update on some new things about ICE. We are booking amazing teachers and classes and getting some vendors on board. We'll be updating our website soon with more information so you can start signing up for classes! Also look for more info in our upcoming newsletter.

We want to thank everyone for submitting your amazing layouts for the winter themed layout contest. It is going to be SOOOOOOO hard to pick a winner. Watch for an announcement of the winner in our blog and upcoming newsletter. We'll be sharing all your entries on the blog as well, so you can inspire others! Best of luck to you!!


Jessica said...

Well I can add this one to the list of crazy things I've done in the name of scrapbooking... I actually forced my dog and boyfriend to help me stage a christmas reenactment. For some reason we did not have hardly any christmas pics this year, and when my mom and I realized we would not have enough for a good layout, we knew what we had to do. Christmas presents were pulled out, sweaters were put on (colors matching my new holiday paper of course) and pictures were snapped. Ah well, anything for a good layout!!

Trina said...

I still wonder if our trip to Disney Land was really to create fun family memories. Or was it just a big fun photo op so I could finally make a Disney album.

laurensmom said...


i have gone as for as going back to the dentist office to get a picture of dd and the dentist...because i forgot my camera the day her appointment was... the dentist told me i was nuts, but he knows about us scrapbookers because his wife is one too.

Teresa said...

When school started, I had my kids stand outside with their new school clothes and backpack and hold up their fingers to show what grade they were in. It turned out cute, but they gave me that, "oh, mom" look.

My kids are conditioned to pose for photos now. If I happen to change the mode to video mode, all I get are a bunch of kids going, "cheeeese," and waiting for me to snap the picture. It's worth sending to America's Funniest Video.