Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time to start some "Cool Talk" on ICE

We've been thinking of other ways we can use our blog as a tool of inspiration. So, starting now and every Thursday we're going to do a "Cool Talk" segment. Topics will range from all kinds of things. Blurbs so you can get to know the three of us better before, ideas to inspire your scrapbooking, inspire you in your personal life, feature a "cool" idea- project- store-product-whatever, or just something to make you laugh. Our goal is to start some communication, chatter, and such before the big event in May. Then you'll be fully inspired, ready to scrap, and might even recognize a name or two when you get there. Please participate in the discussions by posting in comments on the blog, or if you'd like you can e-mail us.

So, for the first segment let's talk about wishes - scrapbooking wishes! :) This is a two part discussion:
A - The Genie List: If money, time, circumstances were no object, and the scrapbook genie appeared to grant you three wishes - what would you wish for? Would it be a special talent? A big ticket item? Something wild and out of this world? An ambition finally realized?
B - The Possible List: THEN give us a wishlist of three wishes that could possibly actually happen, a more realistic list. What product are you dying to have? What class are you wishing you could take? What talent do you wish you had? What trip, event, etc would you love to be able to do? What scrapbook celeb would you want to meet? Tell us all your ideas, you never know, one of your wishes just might be granted at ICE. :)

Here's my (Tracy's) list, I'm sure Nancy and Heather will post theirs soon too.
"Genie" Wishlist:
1. More time to Scrap! Don't you wish that scrapping time went by as slowly as other time. What happens when you start scrapping? That clock seems to go into warp speed. Then, for me, three hours later you look down at your finished layout and wonder how the last three hours went by in the blink of an eye! :)
2. The ultimate scrapbook room designed, decorated, and organized by someone else, or at least someone to help me do it. I'm not good at that kind of thing, but admire people who are. I have probably 50 scraprooms bookmarked with the thought of "some day".
3. Dishes that washed themselves, laundry that washed, folded, ironed and put itself away, floors that vacuumed themselves, dust to never accumulate, bathrooms that was always sparkling clean, weeds that never grew, and while I'm at it a personal chef. Just think of all the scrapping time I'd have! :)

"Possible" Wishlist:
1. A weekend at ICE (of course)
2. A cutting system, I have yet to take the plunge into the Cricut or Silhouette or other cutting system
3. A really good photography class to be able to use my Digital SLR camera better

I can't wait to read your responses! Have fun! Get ready... Make A Wish!


Alex said...

Well, the Genie list:
1-my family to go away for a week and the house to take care of itself with food delivered. Nothing to do but scrap and watch movies!

2-take the Tuscan Italy trip with Donna Downey being offered

3-The 1200 plus shipping organizer I have my eye on - or even better, a dedicated scraproom instead of a table in the main room of the house

1-a really good digital camera

2-the knowledge to use it so it makes a difference to have a really good camera

3-learn a bit more digital and create some of those cool bound gift books with it

Wow, when I really thought, some of them were different than first guess. What fun!! Thanks!~

Trina said...

Genie list for me:
1 - Be a faster scrapper. It takes me a really long time to do a layout.
2 - Talent like some of the other girls on Scrap Jazz and other sites. But I'm learning.
3 - A quiet place at home just for scrapbooking.

Possible list for me:
1 - I'd love to come to your event in Idaho! It sounds like so much fun.
2 - A nice digital camera like a Rebel or Nikon
3 - Finish my wedding album

Ice Escape said...

Heather's Genie List:
1- My kids all grow up & move out, so I can have my scrap room back and get to scrap all day.

2- wait! For my kids never grow up...

3- OK my kids never grow up, but never fight, keep their rooms clean, always obey,never throw tantrums, and always flush the toilet, oh yeah and one has to give up their room so I have a scrap room and they let me scrap all day while serving me an endless supply of diet coke and choclate...LOL

Reality Check List:

1- Take my family to Disney (to get photos of course!)

2- Learn more about Digi scrappin and Photoshop (so I don't want to throw my PC out the window everytime I use it!)

3- Take a class from a scrappin cleberty... On a cruise (Ok I can dream right?)

scrappingbob said...

my genie wishes:

a magic house that cleans itself

a spending spree at Container Store

the abillity to eat whatever I want while scrapping and not gain weight and not spill or smudge my layout with chocolate.


a trip to Austraila

no debt

time to scrap

VanC said...

My Genie List
1 round the world cruise on the QE2 that includes the side trips to the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, and the African Photo shoot Safari
2 Be on time for committments and deadlines rather than procrastinate
even though that is my best spur to Creativity
3 to be the Owner of the best B&B on the Oregon Coast with a 4 star Chef in residence that cooks Gluten Free

Possible Reality
1 Health Insurance
2 Debt free
3 living closer to my sisters

Melzie said...

1. Be completely out of debt (house too) so I could (Genie would make it happen so much faster!!)
2. buy out the lady who's store I worked hard at and she's now closing.
3. Go back to school and get my doctorate-- #1 would sure help!

1. Get my scraproom complete finished and organized.
2. Quit my job & find something more exciting
3. Build/complete the covered deck for our backyard before our summer party.