Thursday, February 28, 2008

You're a VIP!

I'm a little late getting the Thursday "Cool Talk" post up this evening. I was working on a project with my soon to be nine-year-old daughter. Like millions of nine-year-old girls out there's she's crazy for Hannah Montana, so we're having a Hannah Montana/Rock Star Birthday Party. We worked on these fun invitations tonight and had a great time. She's quite a little scrapper.

Well, the VIP badges got me to thinking. Thinking about YOU! :) I'm so excited for ICE because, if for just one weekend out of the year, you get to come and be treated like a true VIP. We, as women, it seems tend to always take second place. We put the kids first, out spouse first, our jobs first, volunteering first, even cleaning the darn house first! Sometimes we just have to step back and put ourselves first and spoil ourselves a little! That's what we plan to do at ICE - we plan on spoiling you, celebrating you, pampering you, and renewing your spirit. We picture tables of old friends sharing stories and memories laughing, crying - whatever. We picture that one women who's been so overwhelmed because she hasn't had a chance to complete that big project leave with a sense of accompishment and pride because she's finally done. We see the new scrapper meeting new friends, learning new tricks, and getting excited to continue on with more projects. We look forward to the seasoned scrapper sharing some neat ideas, winning a contest, and maybe taking a class to even learn something new.

With only two days left until Early Bird Registration is over - here's your VIP pass! We hope you take advantage of the savings and sign up. Also encourage some of your friends and family to come join you at ICE. I'm sure you know someone who deserves a break, deserves to be spoiled, and deserves to be a VIP for a weekend!

Oh - By the way, I loved reading everyone's wish list from last week! This week, share your favorite way to pamper yourself! For me - it's getting a pedicure! Ahhhh! Spring's coming, I need to get in and get one I think!

So for this Leap Day - Leap on over to the website and save the money for Early Bird Registration while you still can! Then start packin' your bags and planning your projects 'cause ICE will be here before we know it!

We'll see you there! :)


Donaldson family said...

The best way I like to pamaper myself is a pedicure but if I can't do that it's just getting out the house with no kids and being able to look at everything in the store. :-)

Ice Escape said...

Tracy, these are sooooo cute! Wish I would have had some of these clever ideas when my daughter was little!
My favorite way to pamper myself is with a hot bath with lots of bubbles and candles and good book!


Ice Escape said...

Although I love a bath and pedi's too, I think for me the ultamate way to pamper myself is to carve out some time away from my kids, husband, and home and get away and scrap with my girlfriends. There's just something about girlfriend & scrap therapy to renew your soul. (and maybe a maragrita or two!!)

Melzie said...

Pampering myself-- I go to my scraproom or sometimes even a movie all by myself- it's wonderful!!

I lov eteh invites-- super fun!

Anonymous said...

Tracy the invites are really cute. Those girls are gonna love them :)

My favorite way to pamper myself is a massage. I love a manicure and pedicure, too, but a massage is my very favorite :)


Leslie said...

Tracy I love those invitations! Those are gonna rock when her friends get them!