Saturday, March 1, 2008

Every Girl Loves a Sale!
Hurry before the clock strikes Midnight!!

Top Ten Reasons Not to Miss ICE
10: No whining kids (or Husbands!)
9: One weekend to finally get caught up - whatever that means!
8: No schedules! Sleep in if you want, stay up as late as you want, even take a nap if you want to! How long as it been since you got to do that?
7: Reconnect with a good friend, sister, neighbor, anyone!
6:No chores, no meals to cook, no errands, no responsibilities!
5: Because you deserve it!
4: Get excited about scrapbooking again. Get back in the groove and renew your passion for the hobby you love.
3: A weekend to celebrate YOU and all the things you do!
2: Dedicate the ICE weekend to get that project done, quit saying someday, and do it!
1: 'Cuz Girls Just Wanna Have FUN! FUN! FUN! (need we say more??)

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