Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last year, my son came home from Kindergarten with an interesting assignment, build a Leprechaun trap. Now honestly I had never even considered trying to catch a Leprechaun, or building a trap to do it, so the challenge was on.

Legend has it that Leprechauns are elf like little old men who wear a top hat, and they are known to be pranksters and like to tick the unexpected. If you catch a Leprechaun he will offer you his pot of god as bribery to let him go.

After a little research we found a Leprechaun trap can be made any way you chose. Although the more creative the better, Leprechauns are attracted to the color green, rainbows, anything sparkly, money, & four leaf clovers.

After building our trap using a shoe box, lots of fun pattern paper (from moms scrap stash of course), a small bucket and pennies we were ready to set it and see what would happen.

The next morning (which just happened to be St. Patrick’s day of course) we all were quite surprised to find that we didn’t catch a Leprechaun but we came close! He left us some treats and some tricks too.

He turned our milk green and our muffins green too, but they sure tasted good with our Lucky Charms!

And maybe this year we’ll build a better trap and maybe just catch that sneaky Leprechaun!

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