Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nancy's Scraproom

I am pretty organized, but want to get nice shelves and cabinets for my space.

I have a large space with nice can see the tables are a bit messy.

I have all my paper sorted by color.

I love all of the space I have to scrap and I have organized all of my paper, embellishments, ribbon and albums. I can find everything easily and it is nice to spread out and be able to leave my stuff out to work on. I really want some pretty shelves but I am still deciding what I want and other things in the house seem to come first!


Jessica said...

You are so lucky you have all of this space to scrap and store your stuff! Mine gets shoved away in a closet... :(

April said... we have seen Heather and Nancy's....where are the pics of Tracy's scrappin' area??? :)