Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter 365

Yes, I know its Wednesday. Sorry guys, somehow Easter and Spring Break has me a bit turned upside down. I’m sure you other moms out there can easily relate! Anyhow I know you’re all on pins and needles for this weeks Tuesday Inspiration so without further a due…

Our albums not only house our priceless photos and memories, but also tell a story about us. Our albums will become the legacy of who we are. Not just our names, birthdates, and holiday traditions, but our dreams, our thoughts, our opinions, our struggles and our faith. If we only scrapbooked the happy good times that really wouldn’t leave the reader a very clear picture of who we are, don’t we want future generations to know what was really important to us, that we were real people with real lives and not just some picture of a stranger staring back at you?

With Easter on our heals, I thought it appropriate to do a IT on scrapbooking your Faith. For many, faith is something important in their lives, and it should be recorded. For me I want my children and my children’s children to have a glimpse in my soul to know where I stood in my Faith and the importance it is in my life. I have chosen to create a “Book of Faith” this is an album just for that, recording my thoughts about my faith and relationship with Christ. For you a whole album dedicated to the subject might not be appropriate, maybe consider just one layout, or maybe even a mini album.

Create LO’s without pictures… Here is a layout I did after I finished a several month long study on the book of Leviticus, I wanted to record what I learned through the study.

One of the great things about this album is I enjoy doing random pages about topics maybe not typical in my regular albums. I also enjoy trying different techniques and stepping out of my box when creating these pages. Since the page is usually more about the subject & journaling I find freedom to do unique things that I maybe wouldn’t try in my regular albums.

You may want to consider creating a layout or two, or maybe start your own Book of Faith documenting who you are, what is important to you ,and leave a legacy.

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