Friday, March 28, 2008

Heather's Scraproom

Here it is, as promised,Heather's scrapspace. I think the best way to discribe it is "a work in progress" These are the Before & After Pictures of my space. I say space because I don't really have a room. I share 1/2 of the back living room with my kids, 1/2 scrap space 1/2 kids TV, couch and whatever else they drag in there on a daily basis. Although I'd love a room all to myself, I kind of enjoy this set-up this way I can enjoy being with my kids while I'm working on the computer and scrapping away. But believe me I'm counting down the days to either a bigger house with a room to call my own or for one of those kids to grow-up and move away so I can take over their bedroom!

This is the "before" picture of my space. Although it dosn't look to bad here (these pictures were taken after we recently moved in, so its relatively clean) but belive me the clutter and large work area were recipe for disaster to keep clean! I really disliked how everything even when clean was not "pretty" to look at. Especially since I had to share my space with the livingroom.

This is my before desk and work area. I LOVED my old kitchen table. It was huge and had lots of room to spread out on, but that was the problem, it was too large for the room, and becasue I had lots of room to spread out I did, resulting in massive piles of stuff...

This is my new desk...well what it can look like when I allow it to get messy. (I told ya we'd share the good, bad & ugly didn't I?) The good thing, I have very little space and if its messy I can't scrap so it dosn't usally stay messy for long!

This is my new space. I started it last fall, it is most definatly not exactly where I want it, but like I said its a work in progress. One of the first steps to re-doing my space was purging. I realized I had so much stuff over the last 10 years of scrapping that there was just so much I wasn't using and didn't need. So I donated much of it to a local womens shelter, and then sold the rest on Craig's List. This was key to orginizing my space, although it was hard to get rid of so much stuff, it really helped me to see what I had and no I actually USE it!
I wanted my space to not only have function but also form. So items that were pleasing to look at were keept on display and the rest was filed away into boxes or drawers. I have my collection of Prima flowers at the top of my shelf along with baskets and jars holding my ribbons, idea books, pencils and such.

I reporposed an old entertainment Center to house the majority of my scrapping stuff and my laptop and such. With a new coat of paint (ok about 20 coats) my old entertaimnet center has become my favorite piece of scarpbook funiture. I loved that the shelves were deep enough for my 12x12 items and they didn't hang over the edge (a huge pet peve with my bookshelves). The top holds all my 12x12 albums, then my photo boxes with misc. supplies, tools and embellishments, my cardstock on the left and pattern paper on the right, two 12x12 drawer towers, and right in the middle my laptop, work station, printer, idea books, sillouette etc.

My scrap desk is directly across for my shelf, this makes it easy to go back and forth between my PC and my scrapbooking projects.

I found photo boxes on sale at Michales 3 for 5.oo, I'm still in the process of finishing them but I spraypainted the bottom 1/2 and recoverd the lid in a plaid paper (by Chatterbox) that matches the paint and mood of my room. These boxes hold everything from Punches, Paint, Flowers, Brads, & Eyelits. (I'm going to get them all labled as soon as I finish recovering the rest of the boxes!)

I house all of my cardstock & Pattern paper in Steralite totes. each tote hold well over 500 sheets of paper, I have 2 totes for cardstock & 2 for Pattern papers. I like to orginize my paper by color becasue that's how I scrap, and it works best for me.

On the bottom of each side I ahve 2 12x12 towers. These towers are made by Iris and each hold 6 drawers. On the left side the towers hold themed items such as Christmas, Fall, Spring, Summer, Boy's, &Girls. In each of those catagories I have sub catagories such as in Fall I have school, Thanksgiving, ect. On the Right side 3 drawers hold my huge chipbard collection (I know I'm addicted) 1 drawer each also holds, letters, words, and tags.

So there you have it, Heather's scrap I want to see YOURS! And don't forget the ICE challenge...

Its that time again, time to open the windows let the fresh air in and get that Spring Cleaning done! This months challenge will hopefully help you do just that. Maybe your pretty organized already, maybe your scrap area looks like a tornado hit, maybe your family would like to eat on the dining room table again, no matter what kind of space you have we want to see & hear about it. Simply take a photo of your space or great organization idea (we LOVE cheep stuff made scrappy and useful!) and email it to us at its that easy! We’ll post our favorite pictures to the blog. Make sure to check the blog for additional tips and details how to vote on your favorite spaces. We will have categories in messiest, most improved (before & after pics needed), prettiest/most organized, and best organization idea. And to make you all feel better we’ll go first, check out the blog for pictures on our scrap spaces-yep the good, the bad & the Ugly!


Tara said...

Ok, I'm gonna send you some recent photos of my 'space'.

One of us said...

Yeah..mine is finally done to the point I can use it. I actually did some more last night, and while it doesn't look as "tidy" it is more useful. I sent you my before and afters...the before is awful! LOL

April said...

Oh..that was from April. Silly computer I'm on....sheesh...