Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Harvest Surprise

This week's Inspiration Tuesday project was created by a wonderful crafty freind of mine -Tricia Smith. Tricia surprised me the other day with this super cute harvest themed gift that I thought was so stinkin' cute and clever, I had to share.

First, the adorable card is very cute! Notice the pumpkin on the card was created with three ovals. Then there is also the super cute pumpkin decoration that I received as my gift. The pumpkin is made by covering a roll of toilet paper with fun harvest colored fabric! How cute is that?! I didn't dare deconstruct it too much, but I did take a peek to see how she made the pumpkin. She placed the roll of toilet paper in the center of the fabric. Then folded and tucked the fabric into the center of the core of the toilet paper. For the stem she rolled up some craft colored paper with one end rolled up tighter at one end. The, she added fun pipe cleaners that appear to have been wrapped around a pen or pencil to give it curlies.

Hopefully my sweet gift will inspire some of you to possibly make your own harvest surprise for another lucky person. Thank you Tricia, my wonderful friend!
Tracy :)

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nancy said...

This is so cute! How nice to get such a great gift.