Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thanks a latte!

On the 9th week of Christmas
my ICE Chicks gave to me...
A cute mug to hold coffee!

Better a little late then never right? Sorry for those on pins & needles waiting for the next Christmas inspiration project, my hubby & I spent 6 lovely days aboard a cruise ship visiting the Mexican Riviera…and as much as I love creating and sending you all great inspiration…I didn’t miss the computer one tiny bit; and I’ve have had a hard time getting back in the grove! BUT, I didn’t forget you…so even though week 9 is a little late, you can be glad to get doubly inspired this week (week 8 will be up in a few days!)

This project is for all the Bella fans! I created this darling coffee mug using latteabella (why of course!).
You can usually find these create-your-own type mugs at your local craft store, discount store at the holidays. I also found them (very reasonably priced) here…
***TIP*** when you create your mug watch how many layers of paper you use, although different brands may vary-but my mug had less space at the top of the mug than the middle/bottom, so ended up having to change my design to get it to fit inside.
Use the original insert as your guide to cutting your background papers, you will need to have everything curved so that once inside it all lays flat and has nice finished edges (this includes any strips of paper used in the design)

To make any gift *WoW* add special touches. This is simple with handmade gifts because you can use the same supplies to create additional coordinating gifts. Here I created a pocket for some coca, a baggie of mini marshmallows with a cute topper, and a gift tag. Wrap this all up with some cellophane and you look like you spent a fortune! This is great because you can customize the gift to the recipient’s likes and personality too!



Jenn said...

LOVE it, Heather! You're so good at coming up with fun gift ideas.
Glad to hear you enjoyed your cruise -- can't wait to see pictures and layouts!

Nancy said...

OMG! This is so cute. I am going to have to have one of these with this same Bella...since I am a coffee addict.

cjknick said...

OMG, is this for ME? lol. I need more to-go coffee mugs since I use them every day. Ok fine, I'll make my own. Really, really cute!


dylansmommy said...

Sooooooo cute! I want one!