Friday, October 10, 2008

Teacher Jar

On the eleventh week before Christmas
My ICE Chicks gave to me,
a gift jar for a favorite teacher!

This play on words is a fun and clever idea for teachers, male or female. With a gift so easy and simple you can even spread a little cheer to other staff at school, such as the Librarian, PE & Music teachers, Principal and more!

“thanks for making me a smartie”

You could also add dumdum suckers to you jar and say
“thanks for making me a smartie, and not a dum dum”

Teachers will get a kick out of how clever and cute this simple and cheap gift is. All you need is a jar, smartie candies and a tag. You can decorate your tag to fit your teachers personality, here I added lots of bling with glitter in a fun stripe pattern to mimic the smarties. I used sticker letters for the thanks and smartie and the rest was hand written (have your child write it for an extra special touch).

Lastly I added a fun monogram with shimmer stickers and a ribbon to pull it all together.



Jenn said...

Cute Heather! I made something similar a few years ago for "end of the year" teacher's gifts but they weren't nearly as cute as yours! ;-)
BTW, if you ever decide to turn your handwriting into a font, let me know because I want it! I LOVE your handwriting!

Martha said...

Oh I love that idea....

Hulachickabella said...

Perfect teacher gift! You can get these jars at IKEA for like $2 or something cheap like that! I love it!

Mel =)

Ice Escape said...

yep thats exactly where i got this jar IKEA, I think this size was 2.99. but theres lots of places to get grea jars, esp. at the holidays check your loacl dollar store or even discount store!

cheribella said...

Love this idea and I'm sure any teacher would love to get it. TFS