Friday, October 31, 2008

On the eighth week before Christmas
My ICE Chicks gave to me…
a bunch of ornaments for the Tree!

You can have so much fun with these clear ornaments. They make a great gift all by themselves or a perfect addition to any gift to give it a personalized finished touch. I created a few examples of some ideas but really anything goes, be creative!

The best part about creating these ornaments is you can personalize them. You can use a name, a monogram, the year, or any other settlement you’d like. Here I added a name with shimmer stickers to a ball filled with iridescent filler. Just stuff the filler inside the ornament and “fluff” using a paper piercer. ***TIP*** a paper piercer is a must have tool when making these ornaments-just be careful they break very easily!

Here I filled my ornament with punched snowflakes . On the outside I used another snowflake with glitter and toped it all of with lots of fun ribbon.

I had many people ask me how I made these glitter snowflakes (also seen in week 1’s candy tin idea). Here are the step by step directions….

Punch snowflakes from cardstock

Pour glue out generously, ( I used cheap-o Elmer’s glue for this project and just a lid from a storage container). Dip snowflake in glue, you want good coverage but wipe off any heavy globs.

Place on scrap paper and heavily glitter. Wait a couple minutes and carefully pick up. (tweasers work great for this.) If you missed any spots re-dip in glue & re-glitter.

Then place on wax paper to dry. If your fingers took off any glitter in this process sprinkle a little more on. Let dry over night. You will have a beautiful dimensional snowflake to embellish with!

This ornament is probably one of my favorites. It is stripes of patterned paper rolled up and placed inside! Mix and match coordinating colors for a interesting look. I also found that papers with small designs and solids work best.

Cut a strip of paper ¼ of an inch thick. Using a paper Piercer tightly roll the paper around piercer. Drop in ornament, don’t worry the coils will loosen after shaking the ornament around a bit.

Rub-ons are a great way to embellish an ornament. Be Careful not to use any rub-ons that are very big. The curve of the ball makes it somewhat difficult to get a good image especially if the rub-on is large or has straight lines. I suggest if possible cut the rub-on in sections and piece together.

A small tag and special ribbon is a wonderful touch to this simple yet elegant ornament.

This is another favorite idea. Fill your ornament with ribbon! Its pretty and it’s a gift within a gift! For that scrappy friend make a whole set of ornaments, each can hold things like buttons, brads, bling, and so on!
wrap a label tag around the front with ribbon and personalize it with a special message!



Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Where can I get my hands on some of those clear ornaments? What an awesome gift idea. Please email me at

Ice Escape said...

Hi Charlene! Glad you enjoyed teh project. You should be able to get these clear balls most anywhere, check your local craft stores. I know our Michales & Craft Warehouse carries them JoAnns too (here in Boise). Check your discount stores like walmart if theyre not in with christmas stuff check in the craft sections. HTH and good luck!!