Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bella Sweet Bella

I have recently become obsessed...Bella obsessed to be specific! What's a Bella you ask? A super darling line of stamps that are just too darn cute for non-stampers even like me to resist for long!! I have been having a blast coloring and creting these fun, whimisical, and stylish gals (and her fellas)

You can find Bella and all her friends here:

" bikeabababella"

Theres tons of ways to color, decorate and embellish your Bella. One of the most popular (and most expensive) is a wonderful brand of artist markers called Copics. However recently a friend shared this wonderful tutorial on how to use BIC & Sharpie markers (read cheap) to obtain the same look.


Well I was hooked! I ran out and bought myself a huge set of BIC markers (the sharpies are still on my wish list) and got started coloring. It is sooo addicting! I created this "at a glance" color sheet so I could see exactly what the color looks like (the caps are far from the real color!). And one small tip, invest in a couple Prismacolor markers from Michale's in the art section for skin tones (brick beige is perfect) becasue the BIC markers are WAY too dark for skin tones.

Here are a few of my recent bella creations...

" wish-I-looked-so-cute-on-a-bikeabella"



Be on the look out, your sure to be seeing more Bellas here on the ICE blog from me in the future!


Jessica said...

I love these, they are so adorable! You are so crafty... :) Thanks for the tips!

deb said...

These are all fantastic!! What a great job! I love the black and white one also. I love playing with black and white!

Paper Makeup said...

they look great!

Anonymous said...

Great cards...TFS. I watched the video on the markers and just may give it a whirl. I already have about 40 copics but for me they can be a pain in the neck to work with. Mine are sketch not ciao so maybe that makes a difference. Anyway, thanks for the info :)
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Christi said...

All of your cards are fantastic!! Wow!!

dylansmommy said...

I agree with you! She is my favorite too! Great job!

Mandy said...

Super cute cards! Love 'em!