Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well summer is over and everyone surely has vacation pictures they are working on. We had an attendee at ICE 08 (who just happens to be my daughter) that had just taken a trip to Brazil and had an awesome album she was and still is working on. We are highlighting her as our guest designer this week. Thank you for letting us show off your album Jessica!


When I wasn’t dancing to Ice, Ice Baby (still in my head by the way) I spent the majority of my time at ICE working on a small album of pictures I took while on a trip to Brazil. I literally have 650 pictures from the trip, so it was really hard to figure out what I wanted to do with all of them. I finally decided on making a small album of my absolute favorites, and then a 12X12 with the rest that I wanted to scrap.

The amazing gift bag we got at ICE had so many perfect things that I used! The felt and paper flowers were a staple for me all weekend. I used them in several different ways, but my favorite is on this page.

I first inked around the edges with different shades of brown, then layered a few types of flowers. I topped them off with buttons, brads, bling… anything I could find! They all turned out unique and fun. Here are a few pictures of the pages I have finished.

I wanted to do this book with a sort of theme. I used the paper and embellishment line, Urban Rhapsody from K and Company. This line along with all my goodies from ICE, just really gives the look I was going for!

I am working on a page now using the flower embellishment transparencies with the 3 colors. The album is a work in progress, I still have a long way to go. It’s one of those times when you really love your pictures and want every page to be perfect!



Ice Escape said...

Thanks so much for sharring jessica! I love your album!!!

Tracy said...

Jes this is great! I love seeing all your ICE goodie bag items used through the whole thing. Thanks for sharing it again, you really have done an awesome job!!