Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Memories Are Important

From time to time here on ICE we like to feature guest designers. A few weeks back Nancy's daughter Jessica shared her amazing Brazil album. Even Heather's cute daughter Abby shared her cute little Santa card. Today's guest designer is Tracy's youngest daughter Mikayla.

This summer Mikayla got to go on a trip with her grandparents. She's lucky because her grandma is also a scrapbooker! So, thankfully the entire journey was well documented in both megapixels and in very detailed journal entries.
When Mikayla returned, she got together with her Mom and Grandma and worked on creating a vacation album. What a great treat to get to create and share special memories all at the same time! Mikayla loves her cute little album that is still a work in progress. Here are some of her favorite pages:

This layout about her Grandpa is her very favorite. She did it all by herself without any help from Mom!

What special times are your kids documenting, or are you documenting for them? As I look at some of these amazing pictures of her grandpa playing the guitar for her, or getting a big hug from her grandma, I realize how lucky she is! Memories like these are precious, I'm sure when she's older she'll realize it even more. Then maybe someday her kids will get to scrapbook with their grandma too!
Recently, one of our ICE particpants (thanks Tara!) shared a great idea with a scrapbook group we belong to. She got from reading Ali Edwards' blog: http://aliedwards.typepad.com/_a_/. The idea is to document a week in your life. I love this idea! I'm taking the challenge to document every day things like routines, gas prices, grocery lists, photos of the kid's rooms, the dogs, the dirty dishes, all of it - our life. I'll share my completed layout with all of you in a few weeks. In the mean time, would anyone else want to give it a go? We'd love to see your completed layouts too!

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Nancy said...

All of our daughters are so talented. Great job Mikayla!