Monday, September 1, 2008

Scrapping Our Other Family Members

I have a confession to make. I’m in love with another man. He’s so handsome and sweet. He loves to cuddle on the couch, lets me control the remote, and even does everything I tell him to. Okay, so his eating manners leave a lot to be desired, and he has this thing where he drools after getting a big drink of water. He doesn’t wipe his feet before he comes into the house (and trust me he should), but one look into his gorgeous brown eyes, my heart melts and all is forgiven. The best part of my new little love affair, my husband doesn’t mind. In fact, he was the one that introduced us and invited him to come live in our house.

Here’s a picture of my newest love, our Yellow Lab named Cash. Cash joined our family in March, and he has been a wonderful addition.

All of my life we’ve had animals. Always dogs, a few cats, some horses, and even a bunny, lizard, hermit crabs, and some fish in there somewhere. It’s amazing how these creatures become such a special part of your family. And with so many wonderful pet themed scrapbook supplies, it makes it easy to create great layouts to include in the family album.

In December we lost a very special member of our family, our Cisco dog. Cisco had been a member of our family for over eleven years, and losing him was very hard on all of us. A few months before his death I created this layout hoping to capture the “essence of Cisco” the sweet, gentle, and ever faithful wonderful dog that he was.

Cisco’s sister Meesha is still with us. She’s soon approaching her 13th birthday, so documenting memories with her now is very important. Meesha has such a fun personality. We call her “Princess” because that’s how she acts. She loves attention and loves to be spoiled. I created this layout to capture her princess personality.

My youngest daughter was even inspired to create her own scrapbook page about our “Princess”

Our family also has a Lizard name Leo that belongs to my oldest daughter. A layout documenting their story has yet to be created, it’s on my long list of “to-do” projects. I was pretty excited when I found some adorable lizard embellishments at a local scrapbook store in town, so I’m looking forward to creating something fun.

I also need to scrap the photos from my youngest daughter’s goldfish’s funeral where I have the sweetest picture of my oldest daughter consoling her younger sister.

Fellow ICE organizer Nancy, also has a little love affair going with a very cute short little guy. I’ve gotta admit, she has great taste in furry guys! The other great thing about Nancy, is that she has a huge supply of great pet themed scrapping goodies that she shares!

Here’s Nancy’s cute little guy

What about you? Share your pet stories, pet layouts, or even ideas you have for future pet layouts you plan to create.


Hulachickabella said...

Oh my goodness. These have got to be the best pictures! I almost lost it when I scrolled to the pic of your daughters! We have a chocolate lab named Coco...too bad we weren't closer, they could have played. Great idea for my next scrapbook! Thank you!

Mel =)

April said...

Aw man...the pic of the girls got me all weepy! Love the animal layouts. I REALLY want to see a lizard layout. Come on Tracy..get it done, you know you need to! :)